Nuctech™ WeSpace II

Uniform Disinfection Cabinet

The NUCTECH WESPACE II Uniform Disinfection Cabinet is a uniform disinfection product for infection prevention and control. This product can effectively prevent the contact transmission of bacteria and virus residues in uniforms, providing reliable safety protection against infectious diseases for people facing high risk of contagion.

UV disinfection

Complete disinfection of ozone

Aceptic composite tissue

Disinfection of uniforms

Dual disinfection

WESPACE II adopts the unique sterile tissue in the industry to minimize
virus and germ residues. Equipped with a dual disinfection module that uses Ultra Violet (UV) and Ozone (O3), the product achieves 360 ° comprehensive disinfection of uniforms with no blind ends. Maintains a safe and sterile environment in the cabinet for a long time.

Quick and easy installation

WESPACE II has a compact and lightweight design. It can be installed easily and
quickly. As a new disinfection method for uniforms, this product is suitable for airports, customs, office buildings and shopping malls, industries and various other places. It is capable of destroying residual bacteria and viruses in work uniforms effectively and significantly reduces the risk of infection of personnel. Helps prevent and control epidemic outbreaks and public infection.


Work clothes contaminated with viruses and bacteria
Dirty and smelly shoes
Contamination difficult to clean
Sweat stain contamination
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