Nuctech™ MD2100

Metal and fever detector arc

NUCTECH® MD2100 is the latest generation of metal detector gantry with temperature measurement function. Combining rapid undetected infrared body temperature measurement with a metal detector portal.

Step dimensions

2090 mm (H) × 756 mm (W) × 710 mm (D)

Total weight

80 kilograms


100VAC ~ 240VAC (-15% ~ + 10%)
50Hz / 60Hz ± 3Hz

Smart contactless fever measurement

The Portico can perform wide-range, accurate, efficient and non-contact temperature measurement in crowded public places. The equipment is based on precise thermal imaging temperature measurement technology, which can detect abnormal temperature in time and automatically trigger alarm. You can implement rapid interventions and emergency measures to prevent the spread of the virus epidemic in public places.

High detection range

The Metal and Fever Detector Arc has the characteristics of high security, great applicability, wide detection range and strong anti-interference ability. With the combination of sensor and algorithm, this product has good filtering effect on watches, belt buckles, metal frame glasses, zippers, keys, rings, necklaces and other common accessories. It can also detect objects such as daggers, explosive metal cans, pistols, axes, machetes, kitchen knives, grenades and much more. Not only is it suitable for places where dangerous metal items are prohibited, but it can also effectively prevent the spread of the virus epidemic in public places


Technical characteristics

Fever Control

  • Use infrared body temperature without contact, which can greatly reduce the risk of cross infection.
  • Detection time is less than 1 second per person.
  • High precision non-contact temperature measurement with ± 0.3 ℃ temperature error.
  • With automatic temperature calibration function, the gantry can measure temperature for a long time and has good stability.
  • MD2100 can accurately block people with abnormal body temperature through high-resolution, high-angle infrared imaging.
  • Supports setting of temperature threshold and automatic detection and early warning mechanism, real-time alarm for abnormal body temperature.


  • The team has statistics on the number of people passing by, the number of alarms and the frequency of alarms. You can consult historical records.
  • Intelligent identification algorithm (optional) with 3 levels of integrated security verification that can be changed quickly.
  • Level 1 can detect plastic lighters (only the shot protector is metal), card blades and much more.
  • The second level can filter most watches, belt buckles, and glasses.
  • Level 3 can filter most mobile phones.
  • The gantry is harmless to pacemakers and pregnant women. It has no effect on electromagnetic media (tape, disc).


  • It operates 24/7 and not only can it quickly monitor its temperature in real time, but it can also provide early warning intervention.
  • Able to detect all kinds of metals, including magnetic, non-magnetic, alloys and more.
  • Alarm indication function, including audible alarm and light alarm.
  • It has more than 8 parallel detection zones. Indicator lights can alert dangerous objects in relative positions.
  • Traffic indication function to indicate the passage of passengers at the entrance.
  • The operator can configure the alarm sound, including volume, sound duration, and tone.
  • Ability to set operating frequency to avoid interference between adjacent metal detection doors.
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