Nuctech™ MIC2100-YW

Mobile Border Inspection System

Designed with great mobility and flexibility, the NUCTECH CTMIC2100-YW can be widely applied in Airports, Customs, Stations, Government Buildings and Public Events to significantly raise the level of security

1 Tomography Baggage Scanner

2 Portal Radiation Monitor

3 Human Body Scanner

4 Millimeter Wave Body Scanner

5 Traces and Explosives Detector

6 Mobile Raman Spectrometer

7 Portable Backscatter Inspection

8 Security Drone

9 Thermographic Camera

Human scan, fever, object and liquid detection

CTMIC2100-YW is a mobile checkpoint that integrates the Nuctech CT scanner on the Volvo chassis with other auxiliary safety scanners. Based on dual energy material discrimination technology and Spiral CT (Spiral Computed Tomography), Nuctech’s CT scanner identifies organic, inorganic substances and mixtures, and detects explosives, narcotics, and other contraband effectively. With the auxiliary safety scanners, the NUCTECH CTMIC2100-YW can also scan the human body, monitor body temperature, detect large objects, radioactive substances, and quickly analyze dangerous liquids and solids online.

Infrared facial temperature detection system

The Truck incorporates the NUCTECH FeverBlock Infrared Face Temperature Detection Thermal Imager, which combines infrared thermal imaging technology and visible light imaging technology into one, to perform a measurement and detection function. real-time temperature of a large area without contact.


Customs and Ports
Government Buildings and Public Spaces
Big events
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