Nuctech™ WePass

Global detection system

The NUCTECH ™ WePass Smart Access Control System is a recent addition developed by NUCTECH COMPANY LIMITED. It integrates features such as face recognition, body temperature measurement, ID card and ticket identification, explosive trace detection and much more.

Secure, high-performance interconnect

It can be interconnected with different information systems, security system, security inspection system and quarantine system. While ensuring safety and high performance, WePass offers a better inspection experience for passengers. It can be displayed at the entrance and exit of the airport terminal, in front of the security checkpoint, at the boarding gate, as well as at the entrance of the metro station, stadiums, important buildings and much more.

Technical characteristics

High compatibility

It can be integrated with information systems, CCTV systems, and security equipment to carry out the transmission of information in real time.

Body temperature measurement

It can be integrated with a self-developed temperature measurement module to quickly detect passengers’ body temperature.

Contraband detection

It incorporates a trace detector for the inspection of narcotics and explosives.

Modular design

The system has a modular design that can be customized according to different requirements.

Low construction cost

Related cables can be integrated into the display to reduce on-site construction costs.

Centralized remote control

Centralized remote control

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