Nuctech™ Safe Island

Epidemic quarantine unit

NUCTECH Safe Island is a quarantine room used at ports of entry, transit hubs, commercial buildings, and various public spaces. It is recently developed by NUCTECH COMPANY LIMITED as an epidemic control unit for the temporary quarantine of infectious personnel in public places.


Ultraviolet disinfection


Physical quarantine


Aseptic Composite Tissue


Quick and easy implementation


Reliable measures against COVID-19 and Ebola

With a compact and secure design, the Epidemic Quarantine Unit can be easily deployed and / or relocated. As reliable measures of epidemic prevention and quarantine, the product has been implemented in the Customs of Xiamen airport during the campaign against the epidemic COVID-19, demonstrated with a reliable practical effect.

Safe and sterile environment

The product minimizes the residue of viruses and germs. Equipped with a remote controllable UV disinfection module, it achieves rapid disinfection and provides a safe and sterile environment.


Passage of Health Quarantine and Temporary Quarantine Area
Input port
Airports and transportation hubs
Hospitals, schools, buildings and others
public places
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