Nuctech™ FeverBlock

Thermographic camera to detect fever

The NUCTECH Fever Block infrared face temperature detection system combines infrared thermal imaging technology and visible light imaging technology into one, to fulfill a real-time temperature measurement and detection function of a large area without physical contact.

Smart stable temperature measurement

Accurately locate human faces using deep learning algorithms to avoid the influence of irrelevant heat sources and work stably while wearing a mask. Smart distance compensation, which greatly reduces large fluctuations of ordinary infrared and temperature measurement cameras when distance changes.

High performance non-stop

Simultaneous multi-person temperature measurement, no need to stay to achieve high performance of more than 120 people per minute. Measured from a safe distance of 1m-5m, no contact, very low risk of infection.

Accurate automatic temperature calibration

Automatic temperature calibration according to the environment to achieve high temperature measurement accuracy of ± 0.3 ℃, without manual operation.

Data security

Trackable alarm data provides daily temperature data statistics and efficient epidemic management. People information will not be stored or compared to normal temperature.


Temporary Quarantine Areas
Ports of entry
Airports and Transportation Centers
Hospitals, Schools, Buildings and Public Places

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